Welcome to the International Baptist Theological Study Centre, Amsterdam (IBTS Centre) Blog. IBTS Centre is an internationally focused, European based, baptistic theological educational institution. IBTS Centre’s primary areas of research and education lie in Anabaptist/Baptist histories and theologies, Missiology, and Practical Theology under the headings of IdentityMission and Practice.

Our staff and students come from many cultural backgrounds and ethnic groupings throughout Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and further afield.  We are committed to developing  researchers, educators and leaders who can serve effectively in society. IBTS Centre is involved in a wide range of innovative research and does so as a collaborative partner within the Faculty of Religion and Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and our PhD programme is offered in collaboration with the faculty at the VU.

Check out our website for full details of study programmes and extensive library facilities – www.ibts.eu .

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