• Bye bye summer (proper)

    These last few days have been cold – so although today there have been some moments of sunshine, and although hopefully there will be an indian summer coming at some point, there are reminders¬†that summer is over. Denis, our CAT student from Ukraine, has been taking pictures of the campus when it still felt very much like summer. You may want to look at them and at least imagine the warmth! (If you come from a climate similar to Prague’s, that is!)

  • August serenity

    It’s quiet here at IBTS! Well, most of the times – except when the fire alarm (gone mad, rather than announcing real fire, thank goodness) is yelling at 07.00 in the morning, or when maintenance is fixing something, or little Yulia is laughing in the courtyard… But overall, it is quiet and only a few souls around. This morning, eight of us broke bread and shared the wine, and were able to stand right around the table, almost touching its red tablecloth. I like these times. IBTS is not like this most of the time, but it’s one of those rare periods of building strength for the upcoming academic year.…