• Revival at IBTS

    Revival has broken out at IBTS! That is to say we have been enjoying immensely the 2008 Hughey Lectures by Professor David W Bebbington (University of Stirling) on the subject of “Baptists and Revival“. We (some of us especially) were fascinated to learn that revivalism was a ‘Scottish discovery,’ having begun in the 1600’s amongst the Presbyterians as a feature of the “communion season”. Well, that’s an encouragement to us in our focus on being a Eucharistic community!

  • His story in Prague

    November Intensives are here! The first three days of this week also contain the Hughey lectures which form the key part of the Conference on Baptists and Revival. Plus, our Moderator from the University of Wales is visiting us. So it’s rather busy! Intensives also provide the joy of seeing our part-time students. Below is a word from Colin Symes, our MTh in Applied Theology student from Edinburgh: What a joy to be back at IBTS again this November and a double pleasure to be here coinciding with the Hughey Lectures. It was a suprise to come to the other end of the EU and find Professor Bebbington lecturing, having come from just 40km along…