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Polar bears gather in Prague

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

This is a piece of information supplied by the Czech News Agency (ČTK) via Prague Daily Monitor – full article can be found here.

Polar bear protest pokes fun at Klaus

Dozens of “polar bears” staged a demonstration at Prague Castle. (ČTK)

Prague, Oct 26 (CTK) – Several dozens of “polar bears” Monday called on Czech President Vaclav Klaus “to keep on campaigning against the myth of global warming” in a petition handed out outside the presidential seat, apparently ridiculing his views on climate change and also the European Union.

The slogan “Our country will not be defrosted” recalled the phrase “Our country will not be subverted” that had been used as part of campaigns against the opponents of the communist regime in the 1950s, thus associating Klaus’s rhetorics with communist hardline style of fighting against enemies.

The New Good Soldier Švejk

Monday, January 12th, 2009

So, Prague’s become an honorary capital of Europe for the period the EU presidency! The Prime Minister is already boasting of his success in negotiating gas supply for Europe over the weekend (so we continue to be warm, and hope you are warm too. Better not think of what it’ll cost though!).

One just wonders how this EU presidency will continue. The other day, the Financial Times’s Tony Barber had an interesting observation regarding another key person in Czech life – not the Prime Minister, but the famous President of the country, who upon having to welcome the European Commission into Prague clearly showed his disdain towards the whole thing, and did his best to insult the president of the Commission. Apologies to those who are getting fed up by our interest in this personality, but we just can’t stop being amazed. Barber suggests Klaus has what it takes to be the 21st century’s Good Soldier Švejk. Hmm, not so sure… But wonder what others think.

Here’s the aforementioned column – titled “Vaclav Klaus poops the EU’s party at Prague Castle”!

– Lina & Keith