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Crumbs of hope

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

The following entry has been written by Nancy Lively, who together with her husband Bill works in the Library and also teaches our CAT students English (progress already visible!). Nancy and Bill have been coming to IBTS as volunteers for a number of years already and have become very dear friends of this place.

Here we were seated on a very nice, brand new train heading home to IBTS from a beautiful day in a medieval town in the Czech Republic.  Then the conductor made a rather long, very interesting announcement (which I told Bill sounded like – “You are all going to have to get off the train.”), the train pulled into a small station and lo and behold, everyone stood up and exited the train.  Bewildered at this turn of events, we stood with the milling crowd perplexed and quite ill at ease.  We showed our ticket with Praha on it to the conductor and she shook her head.  So, we waited with everyone.  Then the sorting started to happen and folks were sent to different tracks for trains to ‘somewhere’.  The conductor pointed to us and motioned for us to get back on the same train.  As we were walking up the aisle still confused, a woman heard us and said, “Didn’t you understand?” Well, those were words from Heaven to our ears!  She quickly explained about an accident on the train line, multiple changes we would have to make to skirt the ruined tracks and more or less took us under her wing all the way back to Prague.  (more…)