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Season’s Greetings

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015


‘Then the good news of Christmas, the core good news (not the tinsel and the lights, not even the shepherds and the angels, but the heart of the matter) is this: “So the Word became flesh.” Which as we have seen, is to say

We can know God , for God knows us.

We can reclaim humanity’s birthright.

We are assigned the role of a witness people, living the life that Jesus brought to all.

This is the Christ present; that is the good news to all.’

James Wm. McClendon Jr. ‘Christmas Present: A Christmas Sermon’ in Making Sense to a Troubled Church (Cleveland, Ohio: Pilgrim Press, 1995).

Rosa Hunt Successful Promotion

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

This moment of drama PhD defence Rosa Huntin the theatre of the ‘Aula’ at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam marks the successful completion by another IBTSC research student of their PhD studies. Here Rosa Hunt receives her certificate of the award of ‘Doctor’. Rosa’s thesis was entitled: ‘The Self-Enclosing God. John Chrysostom and Ephrem Syrus on divine self-limitation as a gift of love in Genesis 1-3’.

Rosa’s promotion became the stimulus for a day long Biblical Interpretation, Patristics, and Systematic Theology seminar co-sponsored by IBTSC and held at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. This seminar included a lecture by Professor Frances M. Young a leading scholar in the field of Patristics on the theme of: ‘Scripture in the Economy of Revelation’. This was followed by several scholars from a variety of traditions explaining the way in which their ‘tradition’ interprets the Scripture.

Rosa’s success like that of all IBTSC students should be put in context. Most if not all of our students are part time and pursue their studies while being involved in a wide range of mission, ministry, and educational roles. As well as wife and mother Rosa is the pastor of Salem Baptist Chapel in Wales a bilingual church which is a member of both the Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru (Cymanfa Dwyrain Morgannwg) and the South Wales Baptist Association.

The staff and other students at IBTSC will miss Rosa’s presence at our annual January gatherings. We wish, however, to congratulate her and her promotor’s and co-promotors: Prof. Dr. I. Noble, Dr. L. Kucová and Prof. Dr. W.T. van Peursen.



Thanks to Richard and Jo-Anne

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Pieter, Richard, and Jo-Ann

Over the years IBTS in its various incarnations has benefited from the support of volunteers who in a variety of ways have contributed significantly to the institution and its students in many different ways. This year we were pleased to welcome the contribution of Richard and Jo-Ann Matiachuk from Canada. After a visit earlier in the year we were delighted when at their own expense they came back for two weeks in October/November. During this period they brought their expertise in specific areas such as the library and in editing material for a future Journal. In both areas work began that will have longer importance. In addition, however, they were quite simply willing and ready to help out as we hosted the Nordenhaug lectures and then held our conference. Their presence and personalities enriched our common lives.

Richard (here pictured with Jo-Ann and our librarian Pieter) writes:

‘As for why we came to help … well we have been aware of IBTSC (and its earlier iterations) for nearly 40 years. We had heard the “school” had moved and brought the library with it (a major undertaking) and we knew there was a new librarian on site. I was working in a theological library, have been actively involved in mentoring librarians, have participated in leadership on a library association board and, have been committed to “giving back” to the profession.

We have always wanted to be involved in Christian ministry outside Canada. Jo-Ann and I are now at a time and place in our lives and careers where we can help outside our local context. And so we wanted to use our time, gifts, training (and some of our financial resources) to ‘give back’ to (invest in) a Christian work.

With our knowledge about IBTSC, our availability and your willingness to have us come help it seemed like a door had opened to be able to serve God’s greater kingdom work outside our local community.’

Our thanks to them and all the volunteers over the years past and present who enable the work of theological thinking from a specifically baptistic and international perspective to happen.