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Colloquium Amsterdam 2015 continued

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

STA41712Today (Thursday) we were introduced to some developed proposals. One of these relates to Baptist responses to anti-Semitism and persecution of Jewish people. We heard also of three new proposals two from students from Ukraine and one from the Czech Republic. Purpose of the presentations is to allow students to get feedback and sharpen focus and methodology. Lots of fascinating ideas and worthwhile proposals with a contextual and often missiological concern. It was great to have the Randall’s join us for a couple of days.STA41713STA41714STA41715

Freedom and Person: Research Colloquium 2015

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

STA41705Over the past few days at the research colloquium in Amsterdam students have been presenting an update on their studies. Some are at the beginning of their studies seeking a focus and methodology to carry their work forward. Others are facing the challenges of writing and rewriting. All students are part time and doing their work while sustaining ministries in churches and colleges. The geographic range of students is wide. As part of the colloquium we also have various seminars for students and staff. Here Dr Tim Noble is presenting a piece of recent research on ‘Freedom’ drawing some theological links between Russian Orthodox Theology and Liberation Theology. The paper as ever was followed by questions, discussion, and a bit of debate. As the pictures will show Dr Andrew Kirk and Dr Jim Purves were ready to engage engage after thoughtful consideration!




Friday, January 9th, 2015

IBTSC Amsterdam is preparing to host its first research colloquium in the Postjesweg 175 premises from 19th till the 30th of January 2015.

This colloquium is when our research students gather from around the world to present the updates on their work and receive peer and team tutor feedback. It also gives them a chance to meet and discuss their specific research with their supervisors from IBTSC and their promoters from VU.

As a trial run the annual colloquium was held very successfully last year already in Amsterdam but this will be the first year in terms of operating as IBTSC Amsterdam.

At present we have 22 students registered with the VU with several others recently having had their proposals accepted and in the final stages of completing the registration process. A number of these and others at earlier stages of registration will attend and participate in the colloquium as part of the process of shaing their proposals and beginning their research work.

In addition to our VU students a number of our completing students with the University of Wales will attend and two will have their viva’s during this period with internal and external examiners participating.

One of these external examiners is  Professor Pete Ward, St John’s College/Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University.PeterWard01small

Pete is very well known for his research and writing in areas of Christian youthwork, culture, and more recently in relation to ethnography and theology.

Since he is going to be present at the time of the colloquium he has agreed to address the colloquium on this recent area of research interest.

It is the inclusion of this and other activities which means that the research colloquium is not simply about reporting on research but actually provides students and staff the opportunity to develop in their own learning and networking with other scholars.