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First Students

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

This week IBTS Centre (Amsterdam) welcomed to Baptist House its first student in the form of the Acadia D Min students led by Dr Anna Robbins Associate Professor of Theology, Culture and Ethics Academic Dean Director, Doctoral Studies. The various topics that the students have chosen for their Dissertations demonstrate the contextual concern for mission and ministry in this study programme.


Next week we will welcome students on to the MA and PhD programmes. A problem with the intercom for several days saw the Rector being a door keeper in the new premises but bit by bit teething problems are being sorted out as ‘first experiences’ in the new context added to past experience create the sort of learning that allows us to develop better in the future our aspirations for IBTS in its new partnerships to continue to offer high quality theological education in an international context and with a baptistic emphasis for ministry and mission.

Baptist House is a working location of people involved in various ways in Baptist work in the Netherlands and beyond. Within it are bright and modern learning and teaching spaces that reflect in layout the interactive nature of the learning and teaching which takes place there.

With these courses marking the beginning of another academic year we plan to have a new look website available soon that will begin informing and advertising the range of study options as we seek to build a new cohort of students for the following year.


IBTSC Amsterdam: Hughey Lectures and Convictional Theologies Conference

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

From November 3rd till November 6th 2014 the IBTS Centre Amsterdam will be hosting the Hughey Lectures and then a conference in Convictional Theology.

The Hughey Lectures will be delivered by Dr Curtis Freeman, Director and Research Professor at the Baptist House, Duke University. The title of the lectures is Undomesticated Dissent.

Curtis Freeman

Lecture 1: The Dissenting Conscience

Lecture 2: The Dissenting Church

Lecture 3: The Dissenting Christ

Prof Dr Freeman will examine these themes by looking at the Canon of Dissent in English Protestantism. Specifically, he will look at the way this canon has been memorialized in Bunhill Fields, the Dissenter burial grounds in London. By looking at the three memorials to three great voices of dissent in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, John Bunyan, Daniel Defoe, and William Blake, he will explore how they give voice to these major themes of Dissenters.

These lectures will be delivered at the Free University (VU) on the 3rd of November 2014.

The Hughey Lectures will be followed by the Conference on Convictional Theologies which will celebrate 90 years of James Wm McClendon’s life witness and theological thought.

It will engage in different streams of convictional theologising of Baptists, Mennonites, and other adherents of the Radical Reformation. Guided by the titles of McClendon’s three-volume Systematic Theology, the conference will be organised along the themes of Ethics, Doctrine, and Witness.

This conference will be held in Baptist House, Postjeweg 175 a short metro journey (and slightly longer cycle!) from the VU University. Both locations are easily accessible by public transport from the airport and Central Amsterdam.175

The lectures and conference are free although participants have to arrange own travel, food, and accommodation. Help on accommodation can be gained from contacting IBTS Centre with a block booking option at the nearby Student Hotel if you contact before the 1st September.

The option of presenting a paper at the conference with the possibility of later publication in an IBTS Journal remains open but please contact Parush Parushev before the 1 September at the latest

During this time participants will also get the opportunity to investigate the post-graduate study option at Masters and PhD level which are available at IBTSC Amsterdam.