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Festive Days

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

They certainly were, this past weekend! We had a special event to celebrate the service of Keith and Denise over the last 15 years during which the special issue of Baptistic Theologies, written as a Festschrift to Keith’s contribution to Baptist theology, was launched; a special time to hear Carol Woodfin talking about the history of IBTS published just a few weeks ago; and then a graduation of three Certificate of Applied Theology Students, seven MTh and six Magister students, plus conferring the Certificates of attendance for our two Erasmus exchange students, valedicting a continuing PGCTh student, and generally having a lot of fun! So here are some of the pictures from the graduation day for those of you who couldn’t be with us. (And we had several friends who have pleasantly surprised us, coming just to celebrate these days together with IBTS!)

Carol Woodfin talking about the history of IBTS

A picture where we pose nicely...

...and a picture where we go joyously wild - just a little bit!

CAT boys - yes they should have got credits for acting too

A happy and content Rector!

– Lina

As requested…

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

…by one of our readers, here’s the contents page of our special issue of Baptistic Theologies:

Parush Parushev, Lina Andronoviene, Tim Noble, Editorial

Ernie Whalley, ‘Life in Christian Service’

Ian Randall, ‘A Believing Church: Baptist Perspectives on Anabaptism’

Parush Parushev, ‘Gathered, Gathering, Porous: Reflections on the Nature of Baptistic Community’

Ruth Gouldbourne, ‘Not Just a Disembodied Voice: Towards an Understanding of Preaching as an Embodied Practice’

Ivana Noble, ‘Various Christian Traditions in One Ecclesial Body’

John Briggs, ‘Baptists and Ecumenical Engagement’

Anne Wilkinson-Hayes, ‘Teaching Penguins to Fly: Baptistic Leadership into the Future’

Lina Andronoviene, ‘Leadership as a Virtuous Practice: Reflections on Women and Stained-Glass Ceilings’

David Goodbourn, ‘Adult Christian Education: The Challenge to Do Things Differently’

Tim Noble, ‘Between the Swiss Train and the Eschaton: Mission in a Time of Waiting’

Anthony Peck, ‘Keith Jones – European Baptist: An Appreciation’

Look what we’ve got!..

Friday, May 24th, 2013

  Yes, it’s:

– Carol Woodfin’s history of IBTS (and we had a wonderful time today listening to Carol telling us some things about writing this piece of work)

– and a special issue of Baptistic Theologies, with articles from a number of authors to celebrate Keith’s amazingly wide contribution to Baptist theology. (If you don’t get Baptistic Theologies but would like to have this issue, let us know!)

Right, gotta run – it’s graduation time!..

– Lina

We’re always very serious here at IBTS…

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Keith and Denise have had a tradition of hosting a ‘Pink Piggy’ party for the students at the end of each academic year. Here’s a photo of the last one!