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In the land of Kafka

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

It’s some time since I last blogged on the theme of Czech bureaucracy, but yesterday I had another experience of the approach to life which comes out of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, re-interpreted by communism and now overlaid with a pedantic approach to doing things officially, for which the EU is blamed and all seen through the eyes of Franz Kafka.

The Czech postal services advised me I had four parcels safely in their care at their big Post Ofice near Smichov, in Prague. So, with Katka, my PA, I ventured out to recover this present from the USA courtesy of various postal authorities.

The big concrete and blue clad building (Czech Postal service has a blue colour scheme with a yellow posthorn) could only be entered by a covered ramp, designed as if to resist riots by the populace, anxious to get hold of their post. In the entrance hall it was not at all clear where to go. However, behind a smoked glass door there was an information booth with a stern-faced lady in uniform. Her enquiry window was firmly shut. Katka knocked at her door and she deigned to open it a little. After some questioning we were directed to the lifts (elevators) and told to go to the third floor. We eventually managed to summon a lift and went to the third floor. (more…)