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Running for IBTS

Friday, February 20th, 2009

The Course Leader of Contextual Missiology
The Personal Assistant to the Rector
A Master of Theology student in Applied Theology

What do the three folk above have in common?

They love IBTS and in 38 days they will sweat through a 21Km run to prove it! Tim Noble, Vanessa Lake and Anna Cheprasova are registered participants of Prague’s forthcoming Half Marathon and are training steadily for this event.

Since September, IBTS has been planning and thinking through how to celebrate the 60 year birthday of the seminary. This Diamond Jubilee is an exciting opportunity for everyone who has been influenced by the life and ministry of IBTS to reflect on and show their thanks and support.

One way to do this is through sponsoring these three in their Jubilee Jog thru Prague!

The IBTS website has a form which you can complete to make a simple painless transaction!

Here’s how!
1) Click on the “Online Donation form”.
2) Fill in all the blanks.
3) Tick the “Diamond Jubilee” line under Donation Details
4) Under “Additional Information” write something like Jubilee Jog or Half Marathon
5) Click “Send” and smile widely!

– Vanessa

Reflections on sharing a washing machine

Friday, February 6th, 2009

One washing machine looks much like any other, as far as I am concerned.  That’s because I’m seldom close up to one.  The problem here at IBTS is that when I need to use one I am engaging in a practice that is largely unfamiliar as far as I am concerned.  To make matters worse I discover that the instructions on one machine are in a strange and foreign language and the other is delightfully illuminated with the universal symbols of garment washing – but there seems to be no obvious key to understanding the symbols if you’re not familiar with the symbolic language of laundry.  To be fair, someone has provided a translation for the foreign language machine but there are so many buttons on it I find it positively intimidating so I tend to take my chance with the non verbal option.

It was when I was loading the washing machine this morning that I got to thinking about the privilege that it is to see IBTS close up and to discover that, without the need for detailed translation or an instruction manual, you get the feel of how it works very easily.  If you are here during a colloquium the place is buzzing, the dining hall filled at meal times and there is little room to manoeuvre during mid morning coffee.  Come at a ‘quieter’ time of the year and there’s less obvious activity.  You might even get to have a seat at coffee time and be able to hear without effort those with whom you are engaged in conversation.  However, one of the striking things about IBTS is the way the community can expand and contract numerically and can incorporate a rich theological and cultural diversity without actually becoming disorientated or dislocated.  The rhythm of community life remains constant and the values at the heart of IBTS are conspicuous through the practices of prayer, Eucharist and community. (more…)

More on moles

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

David found this picture of a mole – isn’t it wonderful?!