A new issue of JEBS published

Every tradition is involved in an interpretative process, a continuing learning-and-teaching event. The latest issue of the Journal of European Baptist Studies (no. 1, 2021) demonstrates this from different angles. This recent publication includes Ryan Newson’s article, titled ‘Inhabiting the City: Envisioning Baptist Ways of Doing Theology amidst Pluralism’. The article is inspired by James Wm McClendon, and argues for Christologically oriented vision ‘that can help guide people, Christian and otherwise, into an uncertain future’. Newson is convinced that Baptist theology is best done in the city, ‘emerging out of the social world’.

This issue brings under its ‘topical umbrella’ theological, educational and historical themes, ranging from teaching preaching to questions related to Baptist catholicity. Authors represent different cultures and countries, from Russia to the United Kingdom and Canada. JEBS no. 1, 2021, has a new layout style, and has started to publish ORCID numbers and DOI information, to make communication between researchers smooth, and to ensure that the electronic versions of the articles are easily accessible.

The Journal of European Baptist Studies appears twice a year and is available in Open Access in cooperation with Index Theologicus (http://www.jebs.eu). For print subscriptions, and for submitting articles for publication, please contact the Editor (jebs@ibts.eu).

Toivo Pilli (Editor)