Prayer for Lebanon

Dear friends and colleagues


In the midst of the summer season when many of us are taking summer leave we have been confronted by the heartbreaking news of the explosion in Beirut. Added to the already critical situation – including the COVID 19 pandemic and currency collapse – this adds a seemingly unbearable burden for the people of Lebanon.

We at IBTSC have close relationships with ABTS and LESD  in Beirut; Elie Haddad and Caleb Hutcherson are current PhD research students at IBTSC, we have a few prospective students, as well as past students from Beirut. Another research student Scott Gustafson and the organisation he works for, Purpose Global, work tirelessly to assist in refugee relief in Lebanon.

We want to encourage each of you to read and see more of what our friends in Lebanon are facing and also what they are doing on the ground. This includes a message from Nabil Costa who is the representative for the Middle East on the EBF Executive Council.

You can read more here, and find some prayer requests and ways to give if so inclined: www.mebo.org/helpbeirut And here’s a video of what they’re doing on the ground: https://youtu.be/8pH1MVk5Wi8


We pray together with the people of Lebanon:

Eyes on the LORD

Hands on the Plow

Praying for a Safe Shore