International Conference 2021

The International Baptist Theological Study Centre extends an invitation to a conference ‘Dimensions of Baptist Identity: Past and Present’. The conference will take place 22-24 April 2021 in Amsterdam, and will explore the topic of Baptist – or baptistic – identity from different perspectives. Identity is a dynamic phenomenon expressed in spirituality, theology, and practice. It includes aspects of communication and use of language.


Both the constants and variables of identity will be discussed at the conference. What are Baptist identity markers and how have these been perceived, interpreted, developed, and lived out in different cultural settings? Papers from both historical and present-day perspectives are welcome, as well as presentations focusing on Baptist relations with other traditions. Please, find more on the IBTSC website www.ibts.eu/research/conference2021/ or contact Laura Dijkhuizen, the coordinator of the IBTSC research community (dijkhuizen@ibts.eu).


A previous similar conference in April 2018 brought together an international group of scholars under the general title ‘Evangelicals and Oppression’. Several papers from this conference were published in the journal Baptistic Theologies (no 2, 2018).


Toivo Pilli