Moments from life at IBTS

New Learning Network in development

Meeting people throughout Europe for EBF Mission I was impressed by the motivation, gifts and desire to learn of churchplanters, mission-minded people and people involved in arts and mission. I’m glad to be part of the IBTS Centre team since January.

I’m Ingeborg te Loo and I’m working as the coordinator of the Learning Network. It’s a new collaborative venture which aims to deliver high quality, accessible, inclusive, grounded, theological education, focused on the missional opportunities of those in Baptist education and leadership across the EBF region. The Learning Network will be a blended learning fellowship with on-site learning and digital learning methods. We are developing this with a team of people –  Tom Arabis (as the specialist of the digital programme) and Mike Pears are my core colleagues.

Mostly I’m working for IBTS Centre on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The other days I’m working for the Dutch Baptist Seminary, mainly as a tutor and as coordinator for life long learning for pastors and churches.

I studied theology in Ede and did my masters at IBTS in Prague. My masters thesis was on communal discernment in Dutch Baptist Churches – a theme that still has my heart. Together with my husband and two other couples and three small kids I live in Citycloister Arnhem, a place of prayer and hospitality. We have two daughters who are living and studying in Utrecht.

It is an exciting time to start at IBTS Centre from scratch with the Learning Network. We have a vision and ideas and we will work on this step by step together with you as EBF and IBTS Centre communities. We are doing this together because we see education as mission. Let’s see what will happen!