IBTSC Hughey Lectures 2019

 On 23 January 2019, the Baptist House (IBTSC Amsterdam) hosts the next series of Hughey Lectures. The lectures ‘Discerning the Mind of Christ’ will be delivered by Dr Kenneth Roxburgh (Samford University).

The first lecture (at 14.00) focuses on the Southern culture in North America and the church life, seeking to follow Christ, in the 20th and 21st centuries. The second lecture (at 15.45) takes a narrower topic as its focus, exploring the ‘practice of discernment’ in a local church – Southside Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr Ken Roxburgh has earned PhD from Edinburgh University, and has been teaching in Scottish Baptist College in Glasgow, and now Samford University. He researches and teaches in the field of Baptist History and Theology as well as Contemporary Theology. He has published in numerous journals, and his book Thomas Gillespie and the Origins of the Relief Church in 18th Century Scotland explores a fascinating chapter in Scottish church history.

Hughey Lectures was the idea of Dr Wayne Pipkin, the well-known Anabaptist scholar, who served as IBTS faculty member in the 1980s. Over the years the lectures have been delivered by a number of renown Baptist and Anabaptist researchers, such as Andrea Strübind, David Bebbington, Curtis Freeman, Ian Randall, and others.

If you plan to take part of the Hughey Lectures 2019, please, register at IBTSC administrator Marianne van Zwieten (administrator@ibts.eu) before 15 January 2019. The Baptist House is located at Postjesweg 150, 1061AX Amsterdam.