We are delighted that Dr Reggie Williams will deliver the Nordenhaug lectures on 20th November at the Baptist House, Amsterdam.

Dr Williams will deliver two lectures on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, exploring Bonhoeffer’s development from a proto-nationalist to Nazi opponent.

The first lecture will provide an overview of Bonhoeffer’s theological anthropology in contrast to Nazi idealism.  The second lecture will focus on the development of Bonhoeffer’s thinking during his stay in in Harlem, 1930-31.

This series of lectures will speak to Christian leadership and responses in the context of resurgent European nationalisms. There is no charge for attendance at the lectures which will run from 10:00-10:45 and 11:30-12:15 (Amsterdam time) on Tuesday 20th November.

Dr Williams lectures in Christian Ethics at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. His research is mainly focused on the interpretation of Jesus, race, politics and the black church. He is also the author of Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus: Harlem Renaissance Theology and an Ethic of Resistance, which was selected as a Choice Outstanding Title in 2015.

To register, please email mcmillan@ibts.eu or call Marianne van Zwieten on +31 (0) 2021 030 25.

The Nordenhaug Memorial lectures” were established in memory of Dr. Josef Nordenhaug, one time President of the Baptist Theological Seminary, Rüschlikon (1950-1960) and a former Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance (1960-1969).

The first lecture was given in 1974 and the aim of the lectureship is to provide lectures given by specialists in their fields that are designed to engage with contemporary ethical and theological issues to assist pastors, teachers and scholars in their work of Christian ministry.

The Nordenhaug Lecturers since 2000 have been given by:

David Gushee (USA)

Cathy Ross (UK)

Glen H Stassen (USA)

Paul S Fiddes (UK)

Molly T Marshall (USA)

Michael Hugh Taylor (UK)

Nancey C Murphy (USA)

Miroslav Volf (Croatia and USA)

Recent lectures have been published in our Journal ‘Baptistic Theologies’.  The full list of contributors is on the website at http://www.ibts.eu/research/nordenhaug-lecture/