Season’s Greetings


‘Then the good news of Christmas, the core good news (not the tinsel and the lights, not even the shepherds and the angels, but the heart of the matter) is this: “So the Word became flesh.” Which as we have seen, is to say

We can know God , for God knows us.

We can reclaim humanity’s birthright.

We are assigned the role of a witness people, living the life that Jesus brought to all.

This is the Christ present; that is the good news to all.’

James Wm. McClendon Jr. ‘Christmas Present: A Christmas Sermon’ in Making Sense to a Troubled Church (Cleveland, Ohio: Pilgrim Press, 1995).

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  • Andrew Kirk

    Dear Stuart and all colleagues and students at IBTSC,

    To share with you all the sheer wonder of the nativity. One cannot express it any better than the slave-owner turned devoted follower of Him who gave everything to restore our once broken fellowship with God: “Amazing grace.”

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