PhD Success

TimaWe are glad to announce that on Friday 28th August an Examining Board consisting of Dr Stuart Blythe – chair, Dr Maurice Dowling – external examiner and Dr Lina Toth (Andronoviene) as the internal examiner conducted viva voce examination of the doctoral work submitted by IBTS student Timofey Cheprasov for the award of UW PhD degree. The title of his work was: ‘Formative, Informative, Neither? Towards the understanding of the practice of proclamation, the core element of Russian Baptist Worship’. It was a successful examination. Congratulations to him, to Dr Keith Jones and Dr David Brown – the supervisors of the work for the positive outcome of years of hard research work.


We are also pleased to announceMike Pears Promotion that on Wednesday 2nd September that IBTSC student Mike PearsMike Promotion successfully publicly defended his PhD work entitled: ‘Towards a Theological Engagement with an Area of Multiple Deprivation: The Case of the Cornwall Estate’ in order to obtain the award of ‘Doctor’ from the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Congratulations to Mike and his supervisors/promotors Prof. Dr. H.A. Baker, Dr J.A. Kirk, and Dr T.F.T. Noble.

In offering his praise to Mike, Mikes IBTSC promotor, renown missiologist Dr Andrew Kirk, praised both IBTSC and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for seeking to maintain an emphasis on missiology as a distinct academic subject.


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