Flexible Study from a Baptist Perspective

MA in Baptistic Histories and Theologies

Some of last years students.
Some of last years students.

Between 24th and 28th August 2015 we will deliver our first intensive teaching week for the new session. During this week we will deliver two required core units for this MA Degree Programme:

‘Critical Thinking and Research Methodologies’ and

‘Interpretation, Bible, Theology and Society’.

Both units can be done the same week as they will be delivered on the morning and evening Mon-Fri respectively. Students will then receive ongoing support online to complete the assessments for these units before May 2016.

Attendance for these five days can fulfill 25% of the required maximum attendance for this programme which can be taken part-time in anywhere between two and five years.

Photo Opportunity at Bakkerstraat
Photo Opportunity at Bakkerstraat

If you wish to stay on, enjoy the weekend in Amsterdam perhaps visiting ‘Baker’s Street’ (Bakkerstraat) the site of the first Baptist Church in the world.

You can then take a second intensive week of teaching during the week 31st August to the 4th of September. The unit you will study during that week can be negotiated although ‘Faith and Reason’ will certainly be offered.

Attendance at both these weeks can fulfil 50% of the required maximum attendance for this programme.

If you take the core units during the first there will be another opportunity to take other units during the following year in November or February or in September, November, or February in subsequent years.

This programme has been designed to offer flexible and supported learning with a contextual emphasis from an international Baptist perspective. It is a programme with three possible streams. It is a degree that stands in its own right but also prepares people for further research study.

The costs of the programme can be spread over the period of study

For more details please see the website or contact blythe@ibts.eu.

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