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I am pleased to announce on the behalf of the academic leadership of IBTS that our dear colleague and Pro-Rector/Academic Dean Dr Lina Andronoviene has accepted the appointment of Lecturer in Practical Theology in the Scottish Baptist College.

We are delighted for the new opportunities opening up for Lina, but at the same time we regret that we are losing such a capable colleague from the full-time IBTS team. Lina first joined IBTS as a student in 2001 and then worked with us as a colleague in different capacities from 2003. Her holistic contribution to IBTS has enriched the academic and spiritual life of the community. We anticipate that Lina will continue to make a valuable contribution to IBTS in the years ahead.

We wish our colleague all God’s blessings on her life and academic pursuits in the service of God’s Kingdom.

The link to the announcement on the website of Scottish Baptist College can be found here.

– Parush Parushev


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  • Keith G Jones

    Lina, congratulations ! Thank you for all your exemplary work for IBTS. you spearheaded the MA programme with Manchester and did so much to develop IBTS in our learning culture. IBTS will be much the poorer without you and Scottish Baptists have gained a formidable colleague !

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