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Breaking the bread in Amsterdam and Prague: The Eucharist in two kinds and two places

On Wednesday 22 January the traditional IBTS Wednesday Eucharist was celebrated in two places – physically divided in space and weather (dull and damp in Amsterdam, snow falling steadily and creating that special beauty of fresh-fallen snow on the Prague campus).

In Prague a remnant met around the table in the chapel which has been the venue for such a weekly event since 1998. Meanwhile, the IBTS Research colloquia met for the first time to break bread in the Baptist House. Both groups were gathered around a simple table. Both gatherings used IBTS plates and chalice, both used wine from the vineyards around Mikulov, which the Anabaptists cultivated and restored in the 1500’s; and both used bread baked in a local bakery “just round the corner” from the Jenerálka campus and the Baptist House.

Both groups prayed for the other worship table meeting. Though divided in space, there was a deep unity in affection and celebration. Perhaps there will be only two such occasions in the story of IBTS (the Eucharist next Wednesday being the second) as by summer IBTS will move from Prague to Amsterdam? Whether that is the case or not, this was a special moment marking yet another “bridge” between Prague and Amsterdam.

– Keith and Lina


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