Book reviews

As requested…

…by one of our readers, here’s the contents page of our special issue of Baptistic Theologies:

Parush Parushev, Lina Andronoviene, Tim Noble, Editorial

Ernie Whalley, ‘Life in Christian Service’

Ian Randall, ‘A Believing Church: Baptist Perspectives on Anabaptism’

Parush Parushev, ‘Gathered, Gathering, Porous: Reflections on the Nature of Baptistic Community’

Ruth Gouldbourne, ‘Not Just a Disembodied Voice: Towards an Understanding of Preaching as an Embodied Practice’

Ivana Noble, ‘Various Christian Traditions in One Ecclesial Body’

John Briggs, ‘Baptists and Ecumenical Engagement’

Anne Wilkinson-Hayes, ‘Teaching Penguins to Fly: Baptistic Leadership into the Future’

Lina Andronoviene, ‘Leadership as a Virtuous Practice: Reflections on Women and Stained-Glass Ceilings’

David Goodbourn, ‘Adult Christian Education: The Challenge to Do Things Differently’

Tim Noble, ‘Between the Swiss Train and the Eschaton: Mission in a Time of Waiting’

Anthony Peck, ‘Keith Jones – European Baptist: An Appreciation’


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