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Where God lives

Joanne Gilbert-Cannon, who came to IBTS a couple of years ago for a study leave, has shared this poem which she wrote whilst at IBTS.

Where God lives?  By Joanne Gilbert-Cannon

(A poem from Prague, IBTS Study leave Jan. 2010)


I went to the mountain

to peer up at the top

couldn’t wait to see God.


Up those rocks and stairs

and ice I climbed

for one glimpse

something of the extra-ordinarily



But what I found,

were many others

that looked like me

but spoke slightly differently.


They too,

were climbing for a GOD-sighting

still-life of the Holy One.


Up words

and into dreams,

then further into ideas

we climbed together.


Until we finally saw you—

down at coffee—on the stool next to us at the bar

sitting on the wood bench in reception.

One of us caught your eye on the tram

and another

gave you a koruna as you shivered in the cold at St. Wenceslas Square.


My dear God,

couldn’t you please go back to live on the mountain-top.

it’s easier to find you there.

the valley has become so crowded, noisy and dirty.

We would love to help you move.

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