Moments from life at IBTS

37 and counting

That’s how many of us are here in the chapel for the start of the Doctoral Colloquia week – and are still awaiting a few colleagues and students held by delayed flights or flus. Parush and Keith are giving an update on what we can expect in the coming months, and we also had the round of brief introductions of everybody in the (square) circle – quite an amazing array of countries and stages of doctoral research journey.

It’s going to be a VERY intensive week (those of you who have experienced timetables set by Parush and Norbert will know what we mean!). All students registered for the Doctoral programme are expected to be present, to report on their work and to attend Supervisory sessions. There will be research caucus meetings for those donig applied theology and contrextual missiology themes and for those engaged in church history research, and a number of other meetings and seminars.

Wish us strength and energy!


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