Moments from life at IBTS

Care for Creation

Living in the beautiful Sarka Valley, it’s nearly impossible not to be reminded of the beauty of our Creator’s work, and also not to think about our part in sustaining and developing that beauty by becoming co-creators. As you know, we’ve tried to do it in a variety of ways – not only by offering courses on Creation Care/Church and Environment, but also by incorporating it in our worship life and community activities. One of them has been our annual Environment Month – and the last one has just ended. So at its end, and before the Advent Season begins, here are some pictures, especially for those of you who would have loved to be with us but couldn’t. (And I’m sorry re strange sequence of pictures – how to get them in proper order was beyond me!)

– Lina

We celebrated the birthday of our two favourite worms, who regularly treat us to chats on life in a compost and life in general!

A competition was launched


...And voting for which gifts to the Christian Aid will me made out of the money 'saved' during campus cleaning. Result: 2 goats, 2 chicken "packages", 2 floating gardens, 1 sheep, 1 duck present. If you want full details of "when and where" go to

Another award for the Eco-Competition

Awards for the Eco Competition

After good workout cleaning the campus, it's nice to be welcomed by Oksana for a bowl of soup

The cleaning team!

Campus cleaning

Candle-making workshop: work in progress

Candle-making workshop: The result, whilst the wax is setting

Candle-making workshop: the work starts

Preparing for the workshop of making candles out of old wax and crayons

Candle-making workshop: The Rector came to check what we're up to

Candle-making workshop: Final result! (If you happen to be around in the Guest Lounge any time soon for coffee, you'll see one of the candles burning)

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