• Fresh News from the EBF General Council Meeting

    The EBF Council has decided to move IBTS to Amsterdam (89% in favour), to concentrate on our doctoral programmes (85%) and sell the Jeneralka site (92%). Jonathan Edwards (BUGB) proposed a motion of thanks to the IBTS BOT, staff and students for the great years of work in Prague. The move will take place possibly in the summer of 2014. More news and reflections to follow! In the meantime, prayers appreciated for all involved.    

  • At the end of the Twenty Two Tram Route

    The 22 Tram, often used by tourists as an easy way to the Hrad, or castle area of Prague, has as its ultimate destination, Bílá Hora, the White Mountain. It was here on 8 November 1620 that an army of 30,000 Bohemians and mercenaries under the command of Christian of Anhalt-Bernberg, anxious to defend the Hussite and evangelical credentials of the Czech lands, were routed by an Imperial and Spanish Army led by the Counts of Bucquoy and of Tilly intent on reimposing a staunch Catholicism on the Bohemian and Moravian people. It was the end of the Bohemian phase of the Thirty Years War and led, in due course,…

  • Commencement service…

    …took place yesterday, and it also included the graduation of two Master of Theology and three Doctor of Philosophy students. Some pictures for those of you who would have loved to celebrate with us:  

  • Being a Baptist – Radio programme on the BBC

    If you can access this, it’s a good resume of British Baptist Life. with Ruth Gouldbourne (Chair, IBTS BOT), Peter Morden (Hughey Lecturer, 2010; History Tutor at Spurgeon’s College and Diane Tidball (Senior Regional Minister, East Midland Regional Association). http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/b01m5hjz – Keith