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Field Trip

Well, usually our field trips are to places like Mikulov or Sobotiste where we have the Anabaptist House – but this one was to a little place near Melnik where our four goats now reside. A couple of months ago, we took a somewhat sad decision that our four friends will be better off among other similar friends, which was what this little family zoo was offering. Our ‘goat house’ at IBTS is now inhabbited by five hens and a rooster, with a very excited campus steward Vladko Parushev ‘supervising’ their life (and community enjoying fresh eggs!) – will post some photos of that (or if you have some, do send them our way!), but here are some shots from our field trip. (The four goats recognised us!! Came to the fence as soon as we arrived, while other goats showed no interest until food was produced – when we got lots of interest suddenly!)

And this is 'Fossil', aka 'Gloria'!


And yes, that's our Abigail!

'The delegation' at the zoo where our goats now reside


  • Vanessa

    Ooooh, I’d recognize those goat-noses anywhere!!! I so wish I could have taken this field trip with you all! Happy about the chickens and the eggs.. yep, a bit jealous 🙂 !

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