Moments from life at IBTS


Colin Symes from Edinburgh (MTh in Applied Theology), with Tony Peck, the EBF General Secretary

Food's ready! (At least for Vika, our Librarian and CAT graduate)


Master-level students, Rector and Academic Dean with the EBF President, Revd Hans Guderian

...And the Academic Staff with graduated master-level students

Residential students, graduated and continuing

"Two Bulgarian brothers"

IBTS Administrative Staff who have come to celebrate (including one who is no longer working at IBTS, but still wanted to visit!

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  • Curtis Freeman

    Congratulations to all IBTS graduates!

    Back in January there was a discussion on the IBTS blog about the Baptist-Pentecostal conversations, and in particular the issue of diversity. The BWA has announced the Baptist delegation. Here’s part of the press release:

    In March of this year, the Executive Committee of the BWA gave authorization to Callam to “gather a small team of competent theologians and church leaders reflecting the cultural diversity of the world Baptist family to undertake an international theological dialogue with Pentecostals.”

    Team members have been drawn from the six regions of the BWA: Henry Mugabe from Zimbabwe (Africa); Miyon Chung from South Korea (Asia); Burchell Taylor from Jamaica (Caribbean); Nigel Wright from the United Kingdom (Europe); Richard Serrano of Venezuela (Latin America); and William Brackney from Canada and David Goatley from the United States (North America).

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