Coffee, anyone?

We have a problem. (Well, we have several problems, but this may be relatively easy to address, with your help!) Here it is: as you know, IBTS has been trying to be an eco-seminary in a variety of aspects of its life. But one of the aspects we’ve been struggling with is our coffee served in the community lounge (which many of you have been enjoying). Yes, it should be Fair Trade. Except… it’s still really expensive here in the Czech Republic – and given the financial pressures, sadly, we cannot justify the cost – nearly twice as much as the regular one…

So – one of the followers of the blog suggested we could make an invite for those who may be visiting IBTS and from countries where Fair Trade goods are widespread (and therefore more affordable). If you have some space in your suitcase, bring us a pack or two when you come! (Grounded coffee, not beans). Even if not all the time, at least some of the time then we would be able to drink fairly and to keep spreading the word about economic justice.

Hopeful and grateful in advance!

– Lina


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