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It’s May at IBTS – one of my favourite times: the weather’s beautiful, the academic year is drawing to its close, and as there are many student essays to comment on or mark, I can do it outside, in the courtyard!! Before the sun gets too bright to be looking at a laptop screen, I can also write a blog entry – so here it comes.

Our Board of Trustees has given us the permission to recruit students for CAT programme for the academic year 2012-2013. There are a number of applications we have already received, but we would very much like to have a variety of countries represented – those of you who have been at IBTS know what a powerful experience that is. At this point, it is getting too late to procesds those who would need a Czech visa, but of course the European Union countries don’t need one. So here’s a request to all our readers and followers from the EU: if you know a young person who is longing to be of service to God and God’s people, who perhaps plans to enter another profession but would like to gain some basic theological background and a broader perspective on Baptist identity,  someone who would enjoy nine months in IBTS community, encourage them to apply! Application form and the description of the programme here (click on Handbook and Application Form).

With sunny greetings, and with gratitude for your prayers which I know many of you are offering on the behalf of IBTS:

– Lina

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