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  • Curtis Freeman


    It would be a good idea to send an email or notice to folks when they get a shout out–good or bad. I only became aware of Keith’s notice of complaint from a 3rd party and much later. You, Parush, and Keith have my email address. If you want a conversation (I’m assuming you do) let me know. Otherwise it becomes an intramural (NOT INTERNATIONAL) IBTS post, only further exacerbating and illustrating the original complaint, which btw, seems to have been based on bad information from a vague press release.

    All the best,

  • Lina

    Hi Curtis – I know Keith is corresponding with you and I hope you two will have a fruitful discussion on the BWA issue. As to sending emails out to specific people/organisations mentioned in blog entries, blogs don’t seem to operate like this in general. It adds too much formality. Instead, blogs are somewhat unruly at times, sometimes emotional, sometimes very serious and sometimes silly/humorous, but all of that on a platform of informal engagement of those interested in a particular topic. ‘Email notification’ is an option which is often offered for those who want to ‘follow’ a particular blog – and it does mean receiving a notification about each new entry. You’d certainly be warmly welcome to subscribe and deal with uninteresting entries by pressing that very useful ‘delete’ button!

  • Curtis Freeman

    Thanks for the note, Lina. It found the BWA column a mix of emotive and real issues. It’s important to separate them. Part of my concern is that there was so much factually wrong in Keith’s post. (And Keith is always a stickler for details!) I’m not from “Carolina,” unless we are back in the colonial days of the 17th century. Timothy George is dean of Beeson Divinity School not Beeston. And Millard R. Cherry is the person for whom Bill Brackney’s chair at Acadia is named, which is in Canada, not the US. And I think it’s quite odd to refer to the Jamaican general secretary as a Harvard intellectual as if he were an American from New England, or the Brazilian director of METR as if he represents Southwestern Seminary and Texas Baptists.

    All of this may seen to some quite trivial so as to miss the valid and substantive point: the preconversation team was not sufficiently representative of the global Baptist family. That matter was also raised by participants and assurance was given that the actual conversations would have a delegation that is diverse and representative. On this I simply say to Keith, “Point well taken.” But it could have been (and in my view SHOULD have been) stated in a more factual and less emotive way. Some of us do not have the inside information that lies behind the comments. And thus my response was that it is a mix of intramural and international politics.

    I will decline to subscribe to the IBTS blog, but I remain interested in your work. Please know that you and all the IBTS faculty and staff are held in deep respect and esteem. I look forward to ongoing work together.

    All the best,
    Curtis Freeman

  • Lina

    Hi Leta – we’ll be very glad to have you subscribed! I’ve tried to do it for you – let me know if that doesn’t work for some reason. Warm greetings from Prague,

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