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Of the President and his tie

The EBF has a new President – the Revd Hans Guderian from Germany. He’ll be inducted today at the closing service of the EBF Council, replacing the Revd Valeriu Giletchi from Moldova who has served as the EBF President for the last two years.

I first encountered Hans as an avid postal stamps collector, but perhaps another collection might be surfacing at the present. You see, during much of this meeting he has been wearing a very fun tie – from India, he said – with bright elephants on green background. So in one of the coffee breaks, a discussion evolved about this (usually the only) major accessoir for men and the messages that it can bear. Perhaps we could add another level of communication¬† a la Madelein Albright (as the US Secretary of State, she used to wear brooches or pins to the official meetings to express a mood or to make a point: it was part of her “diplomatic arsenal,” as she had put it. A very interesting interview with Albright on her brooch collection can be found here.)

Could be fun?..

– Lina

P.S. And yes, we did discuss serious issues too!

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