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New Academic Year: Interest in IBTS continues to spread

We’re nearly done with the first week of Orientation! This weekend, our CAT students (well – a good portion of them… visa problems for others!) arrive, and on Tuesday we’ll be celebrating our Commencement with the usual service in the Chapel and a festive buffet to follow. The spread of the students, geographically, is varied as before: Russia, Hungary, Canada, Lithuania, Ukraine, USA, Northern Ireland, Turkey – and, in the coming days, hopefully, Croatia, Belgium, Georgia, Slovakia…

We’re also getting inquiries from the circles new for us. This one here, for example, seems to be so determined to be at IBTS that he’s taken residency in the garage where the goats’ food is stored. Vladko, our campus steward, decided to let him stay after some discussions.

We still don’t know, however, which programme he is best to be enrolled. Probably not CAT.

– Lina


  • György Nemeshegyi-Horvát

    “We still don’t know, however, which programme he is best to be enrolled.”

    He could be enrolled in dough and fried. :))

  • Lina

    Gyorgy!! Oh not another fan of rabbit meat!.. Norbert, your fellow Hungarian, was of a similar opinion to yours – I’ll sure tell our rabbit to keep very far away from both of you! 🙂
    The pun well appreciated, however.

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