• Finding the Anabaptists in Slovakia and Moravia

    On a recent trip across Europe, from one weekend of ministry in Dijon, France to another in Lanckorona, Poland, I took the opportunity to visit some of the sites associated with the Anabaptists in Zurich, Innsbruck, Vienna and in Moravia and Slovakia. In particular, visiting the Anabaptist Quarter (Habánsky Dvor) in Velke Levare, north of Malacky in Western Slovakia, a beautifully preserved example of a Hutterite bruderhof dating back to 1588, I was amazed to be introduced to a descendant of a Hutterite (Habáni) family in the village there, still living in the neighbourhood and looking after the (now Roman Catholic) chapel of the original settlement. Mr Kleinerdle’s German name…

  • Teaching Theology

    An interesting new blog by Graham Cheesman, for the reference especially of those of you engaged in teaching theology (although I suspect those who are ‘being taught’ may also have a thing or two to say!). – Lina

  • Prague’s Golden Lane

    If you are currently in Prague, then you can visit it immediately, and for others, this is an activity for your next time in Prague/IBTS! Prague’s Golden Lane inside the Prague Castle has reopened after a major reconstruction. But whether you’re in Prague or not, you can enjoya really cool virtual tour with a 360-degree panorama of the Golden Lane here. Enjoy! – Lina

  • Graduation…

    …has come fast and is gone – together with many students, and some more to leave over the weakend. It’s always a bitter-sweet time: on the one hand, gladness to see them having advanced in or completed their studies and having grown so much during the time here, and on the other hand, sadness of good-byes and missing their presence… Well, but some community members never go away! Like this one, for example… In case you haven’t met her, it’s Gabinka, who works as an Assistant to our IT Manager, Ivan, who’s posted this video.


    Well, we pulled it off again – that mix of formality – processions, Academic robes, the European Anthem, formal address – this year from the Revd Tony Peck, General Secretary of the European Baptist Federation, who had done his homework, referring to the time of study of the students, pointing out the wide variety of backgrounds of the students and topics of dissertations and theses and commending the students for the development, both spiritually and intellectually, that he had observed in them over their time of study at IBTS. Then Parush, our dear Pro Rector and Academic Dean, introduced each of the the Graduating students, who were handed their diplomas…