Moments from life at IBTS

Two books

…And one more impression from the lectures of creation care – this time by Liudmila from Russia:

God gave us two books. The first one is the Bible. The second one is a specific  book which we can read independently of our age or our language, and we can read this book every day.  This book is the nature around us.

I am an ecologist and I studied biology and ecology at my university. I know the structure  of basic processes which run in plants and animals. When I studied  photosynthesis I was surprised how complicated this process is on the chemical side, although it goes on in every plant all the time. This process needs only water, carbon dioxide and sun light. As a result we receive organic matter and oxygen. But only plants can do it. It is only one example, but how many more interesting  things we can find in the environment!  

I want to say thank you for these lectures, because before for me, as a specialist, ecology was separate from the Bible and church and now  I can unite both of these concepts.

If you remember about the Lord, don’t stop telling it.

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