Our plans for a book of Baptist Biographies

As if we hadn’t punished ourselves in working on the Dictionary of European Baptist Life and Thought, which was published by Paternoster in 2009 and has been widely acclaimed, John Briggs, who chaired the editorial group for the Dictionary is now spear-heading a plan to produce a book of Biographies of those who have played a significant advance in Baptist work in Europe and the Middle East. The initial list of names submitted by Unions was unbalanced with far too many entries from Germany and Great Britain and many more men than women. However, we presented the project to the EBF Council in Italy recently and there was much enthusiasm and a fresh flow of names which will make the book much more comprehensive.

Plans are to agree authors by November, get the articles by the spring of 2011, edit during the following twelve months and publish the book for the EBF Council in September 2012.

Watch this space for more news!

– Keith

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