Orienting Ourselves

Orientation is under way – can’t believe it’s already Friday! So we are into the last bit of the Critical Thinking, Academic Research and Writing: today’s lectures involve folk from all four areas we work in, and we’re trying to show, in several different ways, how interconnected these areas are. We’re about to do an hour of what is meant by ‘applied theology,’ but now the folk are still enjoying the coffee break. (Coffee seems to be the indispensable element for some teachers and students to survive!)

The geography of students this year is probably even more amazing than previously: not only from nearby places, like several small towns of the Czech Republic or Ukraine, but also Bulgaria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Israel, USA, Malta, Korea, Honkong, Canada, Lebanon, Serbia… That’s only postgraduate students, masters’ and doctoral level. Most CATs are still to arrive, but we already have someone from Ukraine, Lithuania, and Uzbekistan.

This morning, as I was chatting with one of the teachers about the plans for the year, she got so excited about all the students that she started jumping! That made me smile too. I also can’t wait to see what will we learn together, and how the Teacher of us all is going to surprise us, yet again.

– Lina


  • Rosa

    We’ve already had so many good theological conversations – we were saying at lunch today that once we’re all back home we can carry on these conversations through the blog…

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