Old folk have their rights – even foreign old folk

Any person who is over  70 years old is eligible for free transportation on the Prague subway, buses and trams. We were very surprised to learn that even we foreigners  are eligible for this wonderful privilege. The only difference is that for a Czech national their national identity card is all they need. For foreigners  the card  costs 20 Czech Krowns, just over 1 US dollar each. An annual pass for those under 70 comes to between $270 and $300. What a deal, free transportation on Prague’s busses, trams and subway for the rest of your life for just over $1.00.

All you need is your passport and one passport picture. Go to the ticket office at the Dejvická station (closest to IBTS) or any other station with a ticket desk. They will prepare the identification as a pensioner, or in Czech, identifikační průkazka. 

The next time you visit IBTS buy the pensioner’s pass and enjoy this beautiful city if you are ‘lucky’ enough to be 70 or over.

Being nice to older people seems to be very much in the Czech culture. Previously we had noticed that when an older person boarded a filled bus, tram or subway a younger person immediately jumped up and offered their seat. The only exception we have seen to this was when a very pregnant young woman boarded a tram and an elderly woman got up and gave her seat to the young woman.  So, Czechs are polite whatever their age.

– Bill

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