Cut backs bite deep!

All across Europe governments are cutting back on public expenditure in the face of mounting budget deficits brought about by the bankers and their profligate lending and subsequent bailing out by taxpayers like us. Sir Fred Godwin (“Fred the Shred”), former CEO of  the Royal Bank of Scotland and his ilk, still have much to answer for.

For instance, the new Czech government is planning a 10% cut in funding Universities and their Master’s programmes. However, in our case (IBTS) 10% of nothing from the Czech government is not too hard to bear.

Meanwhile, celebrating HM Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday in the Thun palace (the UK Embassy in Prague) seated comfortably under the gardens of Praha Hrad (Prague castle) the British Government cut backs are very noticeable. That dour Yorkshireman, William Hague  (UK Foreign Secretary in the ConDem coalition government) has obviously decreed a cut in the number of invitees and a cut in the food and drinks served. Gone are the “pigs in blankets” and “prawns in batter”, in are the sponsored foods of Tesco, Marks and Spencer and local “English- style” butcher Robertson.

Now we are true northerners with sausage rolls and small sandwiches made from cut loaves!

Her Excellency, the Ambassador, put a brave face on it all, but things have come to a pretty pass indeed. I guess President Klaus had heard the food was not up to past standards and didn’t show up, but there was still a good turn-out of the military attaches of our allies in NATO and the Commonwealth and the Russian Ambassador was prominent – no doubt he had come to observe the collapse of this former cold war adversary.

– Keith

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