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Climate Change is For Real!

Professor Alistair Macintosh spoke to the 8th ECEN Assembly about the reality and dangers of human-induced climate change. Of the 100 most recent scientific papers all confirm the trajectory of Global warming.  Scientists now generally agree without urgent action we are on track for a 3 degree rise by 2080. Macintosh argued we have been colonized by the powers that drive climate change. Modern marketing drives consumption in excess of what is needed for dignified living.

Macintosh took hold of the insights of Walter Wink – we must name, unmask and engage the Powers. We have to see the interiority of the present outer structures. So we have to engage consumption with Christian spirituality opening our spiritual eye – the courage of opening the heart to community with the Trinity, creation, one another.

Macintosh was engaging and provoking. We have bought his books for the library!

– Keith

(More on this assembly of ECEN can be found here.)

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