British Baptist Assembly

I have been “watching” and reading about the Assembly in Plymouth at a distance. For many years I chaired the planning committee which organised the Assembly so I know both the joys and sorrows of gathering so many people together and trying to get a good “mix” of celebration, inspiration and debate in which as many people as possible can participate, so the organisers always start with my sympathy.

Observing from a distance it was great to see three Master of Theology alumni of IBTS on the main stage. Lina AndronovienÄ— presenting her father’s excellent history of Baptists in Lithuania; Helle Liht and Beth Jackson taking part in leading the worship.

Do you notice something about the list? Yes, three younger women! Glen Marshall’s blog has a worrying comment on the night when minister’s were accepted onto the list of BUGB covenanted ministers – that the majority looked old and male! Well, clearly, IBTS bucks the trend providing a European alternative to the apprarently prevailing male-focused UK scene.

– Keith

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