Moments from life at IBTS

Guests are always welcome…

As full-time students, we spend the whole academic year on the campus of the seminary, located in the wonderful city of Prague. It is an amazing place where we are really happy to study. We love spending time with each other and with our Academic Team but we are really happy to have guests around as well and it is the best time for us. The end of March was a treat for us, residential students, because we were hosting two events at the same time: the Student Week of the Consortium of European Baptist Theological Schools and Northumbria week. The Northumbria group always visits IBTS once a year and this time they came during the 22nd and 26th of March, coinciding with a visit with students from different seminaries. IBTS was again full of people and we really enjoyed the time spent together in fellowship. We had an opportunity to meet many people from different parts of the world without leaving the campus; we could speak about serious issues by sharing experiences with each other or just chatting for fun. We spent time together not only during the lectures but in the evenings as well over a cup of tea. On the final evening, there was a special event with the Northumbria community called Celtic Fire, a wonderful and unforgettable event for all of us.

After four days spent together it was a bit sad to say “farewell” to our new friends but the good news is that through the use of technology we have many opportunities to keep in touch with each other.

– Jenya

Photos from the week by Tima:

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