The importance of Copenhagen

At IBTS, as an Eco-seminary, we are taking a keen interest in what politicians from across the world are up to in Copenhagen. Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer will be there with other world leaders, but thankfully not Mr Sceptic, President Klaus.

Our IBTS Baptist community has several technical experts in our lecturing team, including Professor Graham Ashworth and the Revd Dr John Weaver. In our module on the Theology of Creation Care we explore issues under scrutiny in Copenhagen from a Christian theological and ethical perspective.

We have our active participants in the Copenhagen events who are keeping us up to date on the inside issues.

Tim Jones, a Deacon of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church and a policy officer for the World Development Movement is there and providing daily “blog” news. The Revd Alex Alexander, a minister of E1 Community Church, Shadwell, and an alumnus of IBTS, is also there, having cycled from London to Copenhagen with a group from Christian Aid to help raise awareness of the importance of the issues.

– Keith

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