“Go and have a nice cup of coffee!”

Health and Safety at Work is a very important issue and the countries of the European Union demand that every organisation conduct annual training for staff. We had our regulatory session recently and were reminded about all those important aspects of life where safety comes first.One key area is electricity. As our trainer reminded us, at home one of our low energy light bulbs will expire and we will go to the cupboard, get out a new one and change the bulb, making sure we place the used bulb in the appropriate waste container for proper disposal.

Not so at work. Perhaps the desk lamp by our computer ceases to work. We should not touch it. Instead we will ring maintenance and inform them so that a qualified electrician with all the right certificates can be dispatched to replace the light bulb. Then came the most emphasised instruction of our trainer: “So now you can’t work. Well, do not mind, go get yourself a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the break”.

Thus instructed we will emerge out of the global recession!

– Keith

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