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A must read for preachers

Tonight I am reminded that I live within meters of a goldmine. I am referring to our library here at IBTS. Reading the blogs of others, Simon Jones (Bromley) drew my attention to Frederick Buechner and his short book Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy and Fairy Tale. It is evocative, passionate and quite simply moving for those of us called out to the preaching of Christ’s Holy Gospel. It was added to our library in 1985, someone borrowed it in 1994, and then another person had a look in November 2008. This weekend I borrowed it, following the recommendation of Simon. Now, I am adding it to the homiletics course required reading list!

Tonight, before I dare to break open the word at Šárka Valley Community Church on the 13th Sunday of Pentecost, my call to preaching is renewed as I both contemplate the enormity and the privilege of the task. I echo Simon – this is a book preachers ought to read.

– Keith

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