IBTS travels

BWA goes Virginian

The three key officers of the Baptist World Alliance for the next Quinquennium 2010-2015 all live in Virginia, USA. This might seem surprising for an organisation which has been making claims of becoming more international in recent years.

The new President-elect is John Upton, Chief Executive of the Baptists in Virginia and a former missionary to Taiwan. John is a good friend of IBTS and has visited us on several occasions. The First Vice President-elect is Daniel Carro. Daniel is from Argentina and was at one time BWA Regional Secretary for Latin America, but in more recent years has lectured in Systematic Theology at the John Leland Centre in north Virginia. In fact, the John Leland Centre is now house in the BWA Centre at Falls Church, Virginia. Neville Callam, from Jamaica, but now living in Virginia, was reappointed as General Secretary.

So, in this way ethnically we can say the BWA has an international look, but not for the last 30 years have all three key officers lived so close to each other in the same US State. Will this lead to closer cooperation, or is there a danger of  a myopic vision of what is happening beyond the Commonwealth of Virginia? Time will tell.

– Keith

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