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Blogging from the CBF Assembly

It’s hot in Houston! Nevertheless I need my sweater on as I am living in the air conditioned world of the George R Brown Convention Centre, sitting at a booth promoting IBTS to the attenders at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Assembly. As usual many excellent friends of IBTS come round to say “hello – glad you are here”, then there are inquisitive seminarians enquiring about IBTS as a place of post-graduate study and, indeed, two folks whom we have signed up as students and who will join us in August.

It’s interesting to sit-in on the affairs of another Baptist group in which one carries no direct responsibility. Like everyone else in the Christian world, CBF are struggling financially and worrying about maintaining ministries. However, there is a good sense of trusting in God and an accent on spirituality, led of course, by our good friend Dr Daniel Vestal, the CBF Coordinating Secretary.

An interesting observation from the missions service on Wednesday evening at the beautiful South Main Baptist Church, Houston. Sat high up in the gallery with some younger folk I was surrounded by people sending sms’s or answering emails on Blackberries and the like. This type of double tasking in worship is a new phenomenon for me as a European. I am used to people catching up on sleep or reading Bibles whilst worship is in progress, but continuing messaging friends and answering emails is not, as yet, common in Europe I think.

– Keith

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