Moments from life at IBTS

Great news!

Every five years IBTS undergoes a major review by our validating body, the University of Wales. This past week our External Examiners and the Quinquennial Review Team gave us a thorough going over – what about our resources – classrooms, computers, library, meeting rooms and all the physical attributes of the institution? Then a careful scrutiny of the academic performance – degree programmes, student results, staff development, future plans. We were interviewed and examined in every possible way!

 At the end of the whole progress Parush, our Academic Dean, and myself were called back into the presence of the Review Panel to hear a summary of what would be in the written report and what might be recommended to the University.

Of course, this is an exercise which breeds anxiety in the likes of myself. I trust in God, but recall he has given us gifts and energies which he expects us to use and so I am always anxious that we may not have prepared enough, worked hard enough, taught and examined well enough – what we think of as “good” when judged against the standards of others may not be enough.

Well, it turns out that it was! Dr David Ashelby, the panel chair, commended us for our high-flying doctoral programme, the solid quality of the Masters degrees, staff development, library resources and so on….  What a relief! What a sense of thanksgiving to God for colleagues, students, programmes which can be tested to high standards and found more than adequate for purpose.

Deo Gloria!

– Keith

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One Comment

  • franblomberg

    that is great news for all students! Congratulations on the rewards of ongoing hard work.

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