Integration in the new Europe

Those of us living in the European Union are coming to terms with the outcomes of the elections for our Parliament. We are also breathing a collective sigh of relief that the Czech Presidency of the EU is coming to an end very soon now and we will be in the safe and serious hands of the Swedish Government for the rest of the year.  No more sarcastic art works like David Cerny’s Entropa in Brussels, which portrays Bulgaria as a toilet, Romania as a Dracula theme-park and France as a country on strike! No more of Czech President Klaus telling all European leaders there is no such thing as “global warming climate change caused by human activities”.

We’re back to the gentle pattern of  EU integration – enjoying Lithuanian cepelinai in Prague, Yorkshire Pudding in Sevile, French bread in Wroclaw and Spanish tapas in Mytholmroyd.

However, can it all go too far ? Are there no national boundaries to be respected within the EU? For generations the Latvians have had brown cows and the Lithuanians black and white cows. Imagine my consternation when journeying from Riga to Klaipeda to discover brown cows had strayed across the border as far south as the Trakai – and black cows were to be found in the proximity of Riga airport! Thankfully, the famous and mythical Latvian blue cow seemed safely confined to its usual home in the eating hostelries beside the Daugava River in the capital.

– Keith

(Note from the co-moderator of the blog: whilst searching for appropriate pictures and links, I got quite excited with the number of sites devoted to cows and cattle breeds and so on! If you also think this may be exciting, check out, for example, this – or this.)

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